Acne – It’s Only Skin Deep

We often read books and articles that begin by describing how acne robs us of our self-esteem, or how acne makes us overly self-conscious, or how acne makes us feel humiliated, or how acne makes us feel unworthy or inferior; and on it goes-the arch villain, acne, pounding and mashing our egos into the ground. majestyskin

If you allow yourself to believe in all that “acne makes” stuff, you are setting yourself up for even more suffering-unnecessary suffering-suffering that is perhaps much worse than the acne itself.

Acne is a skin disorder, not a disorder of your personality or some final judgment on the purity of your soul. Acne has nothing to do with your worth as a human being. Acne cannot diminish the love you give your family and friends. Acne cannot take away from your contributions to society or your community.

Acne is only skin deep. And as the tip of an iceberg fails to tell the story of how huge the mountain of ice is below the surface of the water; the skin covering your body can not begin to tell the story of the depth of who and what you are.

Whether you are a spiritual person or a hard core science type or some combination of both, I’m sure you’ll agree that life is one of the greatest wonders in the universe. Even greater than life, is the position we as humans uniquely enjoy beyond of all other animals-to be aware of our own existence-and the freedom of choice to direct the course of our existence.

That you can be here with me now, sharing these thoughts, bears witness to the miracle that is you. Just think for a moment on what is occurring right now between you and me. You are creating in your mind images in response to my writing. Whatever images you have conjured up are unique in the universe; only you would read my words that particular way. And yet, the odds are good that the images you create as you read this will be close to the message I am trying to share with you, that we can say that I’ve communicated something to you. Even more miraculous, our communication reaches beyond both the time and the space which separates us-something no other living thing outside of humans can do.

While all this blows my mind when I think of the wonder of it, what I’ve just described doesn’t even begin to do justice to the majestic experience of being human.

Always remember how special you are, and never let the “little people” in life cause you to doubt how amazing you are. Little people come in many forms: supposed friends, well meaning family members and strangers. One type of well known stranger (I love oxymorons) is the writer of ads and commercials. Many of these people have made an art form out of diminishing the majesty of being human to having the “right” hair color, the “right” scent, the “right” smile and of course the “right” skin.

As you are miraculous, so are these “little people”, (for it takes being human to exhibit the traits of meanness, callousness and shallowness). But miracles or not, you do not need their negative influences around while you are working on healing yourself. Extend to them the same tolerance as should be extended to any other belligerent child; wish them well on their journey to maturity and then be on your way to fully experience all the beauty and wonder that life has to offer those who appreciate the miracle of being alive.

You are a miracle of miracles in the universe. The chance of your existence is so small; no calculator can express the number. Virtually the whole universe would wish to be you if it could-but unlike you, it does not have the consciousness required for wishing.

Acne does not make us feel bad. Feeling bad about ourselves is a choice. We can use the miracle of being human to make a different choice. We can choose to see that acne does not define us. We can choose to realize that we are not our acne. We can choose to realize that we are each unique; there has never been and never will be another human exactly like you or me.

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