Advantages of Buying Directly from Japan Used Car Auctions

Japan Auto Auctions offer a big Japanese Used Cars Auction Proxy selection of used vehicles every week. The Japan Car Auction System is the cheapest supply of cars in Japan with extra than 70 on line auctions and one hundred twenty,000+ cars each week. Its truely very clean and rapid manner to buy a automobile from Japan at best aggressive expenses with all real and accurate data.
Welcome to Auto Link Holdings LLC, expert in export of excellent motors from Japan. We are based in Yamato, Kanagawa and visit all the predominant auto auctions examining vehicles for our customers. Buy your subsequent vehicle via us and trust to your buy. Moreover, the bidding control system developed via ‘Auto Link’ ensures that the system is ideal and handy for you.

How to Buy from Japanese Auto Auction ?
How to Buy from Auction
Nowadays, buying is made very simple, smooth and prompt via the provision of Reliable Online Auction Houses. Dealers and shoppers are capable of make a activate choice of whether or not to bid on a selected vehicle or now not which can also keep adequate of time.
We will assist you to select and import your own car from the massive preference at the net Japanese automobile auctions each week. We are on YOUR SIDE from begin to complete.
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Auction Grade Explanation
5Same as New
four.5Excellent grade with almost no trouble
4Great grade with minor problems handiest
three.5Good grade with a few problems that can need restore
3Average grade with troubles to restore
2Bad grade
1Engine switch or has been under water
*Non going for walks automobile, needs a forklift to be moved. But also referred to for any motorbike or machinery
R or OAccident records repaired. Repaired components are more often than not knowledgeable on public sale sheet
RAMinor twist of fate repaired (middle guide or again panel best)
RBHeavy restore (until inner panel or ground)
RCPillar or frame has been modified/repaired
R2Accident records and normally rust or corrosion issue
Major Auction Houses in Japan
AICHI Auto Auction
ARAI Auto Auction
ASNET Auto Auction
Aucnet Auto Auction
BAY AUC Auto Auction
Chubu Auto Auction
HAA Auto Auction
HONDA Auto Auction
International Auto Auction
IP Auto Auction
ISUZU Auto Auction
JAPAN Auto Auction
JU Auto Auction
Kyushu Auto Auction
Members Auto Auction
MIRIVE Auto Auction
NISSAN Auto Auction
Sapporo Auto Auction
Suzuki Auto Auction
Toyota Auto Auction
USS Auto Auction
USS-Recycle Auto Auction
ZERO Auto Auction
ZIP Auto Auction
Why Buy Cars from Japan Auto Auctions?
Cheaper Prices
Japanese Car Auctions are excellent source of automobiles at low price, as they may be sold at competitive price in Auctions.
Wide Variety of Stock
Over 100,000 automobiles are available from all most important public sale halls in Japan to pick your preferred automobile.
Accuracy of Information
Get accurate inspection sheet of car from Auctions to get accurate automobile circumstance. We guarantee you high first-rate automobiles at great charge.
Sales Statistics
Market Price Data of various automobiles is to be had to find out common rate earlier than you bid. Get Maximum Profit!!
Premium Quality Vehicles
High Quality Used Vehicles are to be had at Japan Auto Auctions at common prices.
Fast & Smoth Shipping Process
We provide clean custom clearance and fast cargo on subsequent to be had vessel.

Auto Link Holdings LLC is member of all major public sale halls in Japan for instance: USS, JAA, TAA, AUCNET, JU, ARAI, HONDA, LAA and so on. We can source you the automobiles from specific auction venues. Japan Auto Auctions are held at one-of-a-kind venues and on precise days.
Find all principal Japan Auction Halls calendar beneath.
Auction Calendar
Japan Cars Auction Calendar
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Honda Hokkaido
Hokkaido SAA Sapporo
Hokkaido USS Sapporo
Hokkaido Sapporo Nyusatsu
Hokkaido JU Sapporo
Hokkaido TAA Yokohama
Honda Sendai
Tohoku Tomakomai Nyusatsu
Hokkaido JU Akita
Tohoku TAA Hokkaido
Hokkaido JU Miyagi
Tohoku USS Gunma
Honda Tokyo
Tohoku ARAI Sendai
Tohoku USS Niigata
Tohoku ARAI Oyama
Kanto JU Niigata
Tohoku USS Shizuoka
Honda Nagoya
Chubu CAA Tohoku
Tohoku Isuzu Makuhari
Kanto JU Gunma
Kanto USS Hokuriku
Tohoku JU Gifu
Honda Kansai
Kinki JU Nagano
Tohoku JU Ibaraki
Kanto JU Kanagawa
Kanto ARAI Bayside
Kanto NAA Nagoya Nyusatsu
Honda Kyusyu
Kyusyu NPS Sendai Nyusatsu
Tohoku ORIX Atsugi Nyusatsu
Kanto TAA Kantou
Kanto JU Chiba
Kanto HAA Kobe
Aucnet ORIX Sendai
Tohoku smap Tokyo Nyusatsu
Kanto USS Tokyo
Kanto JU Tochigi
Kanto JU Nara
LAA Challenge CAA Tokyo
Kanto CAA Chubu
Chubu JU Aichi
Chubu NAA Tokyo
Kanto USS Okayama
Aucnet JU Saitama
Kanto JU Ishikawa
Chubu SAA Hamamatsu
Chubu USS Saitama
Kanto ARAI Oyama VT
LAA Challenge JU Shizuoka
Kinki SLC Nagoya
Chubu USS Nagoya
Chubu NAA Tokyo Nyusatsu
Honda Kyushu
Kyusyu JU Yamanashi
Kanto KAA Kyoto
Kinki TAA Chubu
Chubu Isuzu Kobe
Kinki NAA Osaka Nyusatsu
AS SLC Tokyo
Kanto USS Kobe
Kinki LAA Kansai
Kinki USS Osaka
Kinki NAA Nagoya Nyu

NPS Tokyo Nyusatsu
Kanto LAA Shikoku
Kinki NAA Osaka
Kinki LAA Okayama
Kinki AS

NPS Tochigi Nyusatsu JU Kumamoto
Kyusyu SLC Kobe
Kinki KCAA Yamaguchi
Tyuugoku Shikoku JU Miyazaki

USS Yokohama
Kanto KCAA Minami Kyushu
Kyusyu Kobe Nyusatsu
Kinki JU Fukuoka
Kyusyu JU Yamagata

CAA Gifu
Chubu USS Fukuoka
Kyusyu ZIP Osaka
Kinki AS

JU Mie
Chubu BCN
Kanto JU Hiroshima
Tyuugoku Shikoku Hino Hidata Nyusatsu

Nagoya Nyusatsu
Chubu IAA Osaka
Kinki Isuzu Kyushu
Kyusyu Hino Kobe Nyusatsu

NPS Gifu
Chubu JAA
Kanto KCAA Fukuoka
Kyusyu Hino Hansha Nyusatsu

USS R-Nagoya
USS R-Nagoya ORIX Atsugi
Kanto SLCKobe
Kinki BDS

ORIX Kobe Nyusatsu
ORIX Kobe L-Up PKobeNyusatsu Hanaten Osaka

TAA Kinki
Kinki AS Nagoya Nyusatsu

TAA Shikoku
Kinki BDS Kobe Nyusatsu

NPS Osaka Nyusatsu
NPS Osaka KCAAMinami Kyushu
Kyusyu L-Up Kobe

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