Anonymous HIV Testing

The stigma and discrimination in the society associated with HIV and AIDS usually places a lot of inhibitions in the mind of a person when he or she arrives for an HIV test. Therefore, these tests are conducted very confidentially and under strict privacy to protect the identity of the person being tested.

There are a few organizations like the HIV Antibody Testing Services, which provide anonymous and confidential tests to their clients. The tests include blood tests, urine tests, or saliva tests. In addition, there are also home testing kits available in the market, released by reputed companies which yield accurate results. Blood collection is done at home by the individual himself and the sample is mailed to the private diagnostic company for testing. The individual can find out the result of the test over the telephone.

Similarly, there is also a confidential antibody testing facility provided by an organization named Confidential HIV Antibody Testing Services, which conducts the tests on the person’s name but keeps this information strictly confidential. The test records of an individual are kept hidden from public domain, and only the concerned doctors, health personnel or the State health department people will know the fact about the HIV status of the person.

Similarly, another national agency involved in proving anonymous and confidential testing facility is the Anonymous HIV Antibody Testing Services. Here, the best part of the facility is that the individual’s name is not attached to either his sample, results or for records purpose. A unique code number is allotted to each individual and this code number itself is used instead of the name for all references or communications made. Therefore, only the concerned individual knows about his status and it is his personal choice whether he wants to share this information with any one or not.

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