Backing Up Your WordPress Site

There is one important thing I have learned from my experience working with computers: backup early and backup up often. Working in WordPress is no different. I have found having a backup of the database after the initial configuration can be an extremely valuable asset if you need to roll back. Occasionally in our excitement we can make a modification or install a plug-in and end up with a mess. Having the ability to roll back to a previous version of the database quickly gets your site back up and running. There are two plug-in you will need, one is for backing up the database and the other for backing up your WordPress files.

Let’s start with the database. I have found the “WordPress Database Backup Plugin” by Austin Maz to be easy to configure and reliable. Not only have I been able to restore a database to a site, but also use it to migrate a site to a different server.

After installing the “WordPress Database Backup Plugin” you are able to customize the settings in the Tools menu of the Dashboard. You can select your Backup Options to save the backup to your server, download it to your computer or have it emailed to you. Simply clicking the Backup Now button creates the backup. From here you can also set a schedule backup routine by selecting the frequency. The backup will be emailed to you. Based on my experience, I schedule a daily backup of a site that is being designed. I will manually create a backup after major revisions. Once the site goes live I have found a weekly backup is sufficient.

There are a few schools of thought regarding backing up your WordPress site files. Some will use an FTP Program to download their complete site. I use this method once a site is live in addition to using a backup plug-in.

I use the “WordPress Backup by Blog Traffic Exchange (BTE).” I have had excellent results restoring sites from the backups made by this plug-in. The default settings work well and require very little configuration. Some of the options included are: scheduling the interval between backups, having the backups emailed to you and the directory where to store you backups.

With these two plug-in you can be prepared for data loss or data corruption. You will have the tools to get your site restored and ready for customers in no time.

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