Child With Fear Of Dogs

My niece Rea, age 10, is dreadful of canines. She had a little pooch nip her where she was brought up in the Philippines and she never got over it.

She’s been here about a year and one-half with her mother. We watch your program together, we’ve been to the creature cover, we’ve had a lopsided encounter with a companion’s little mutts. In principle Rea says she’s not apprehensive any longer, yet when confronted with the truth of even only a well disposed sniffing hound, she freezes, shouts and for the most part transmits dread for a hundred yards around her.

Rea needs to improve yet we don’t have the foggiest idea how to support her. Do you have any classes for people at your middle or proposals? We’d be glad to go to your inside. Coincidentally, her mother is likewise somewhat dreadful, despite the fact that she doesn’t have as evident a response as Rea. Additionally, Rea and her mother are returning to the Philippines for a little while. Rea will confront a similar pooch again and we might want her to believe in managing the circumstance. She’s a decent child, keen, a decent competitor. She’s only somewhat went crazy here. Much appreciated ahead of time.

– Sharon

Cesar Millan’s answer:

Hello there Rea, I need you to realize that we are supporting your boldness! I would suggest that you practice no touch, no discussion, and no eye to eye connection when meeting a canine, and to truly accept that nothing awful will occur. Concentrate on that conviction. Keep it in your brain consistently when you’re with the pooch.

How about we attempt this activity: If you were not apprehensive, what might you want to do with a canine? On the off chance that you cherished a pooch, how might you want to impart that affection to your canine? On the off chance that you could take a canine for a walk, where might you take him? Furthermore, on the off chance that you were the best pooch coach on the planet, what might you show your canine? Concentrate on those positive situations when you’re meeting the canine.

Meanwhile, we will send you a marked photo and a shirt. I need you to convey them with you each time you’re going to impart your fearlessness to the canine world frenchbulldog.

Be the pack chief, Rea! I realize you can do it!

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