Fierce Power Through Spirituality – Part 1

The world admires a strong confident person. Our society embraces and encourages the archetype personality with qualities of aggressiveness, competitiveness, and being driven, intense, or even combative. In fact, we label those that do not have some aspect of these qualities as lacking in some way. It is assumed that those with an innate pension towards gentleness, meekness, and child-likeness are flawed in some way. This attitude about strength of character may be one psychological reason why some people balk at the idea of being spiritual, because they feel like they may have to give up some of their more admirable qualities in order to be a truly spiritual being.

But there is an underlying spiritual force within each and every human soul and for those that begin to tap into that power, the fierceness and intensity of that power begins to manifest itself in an infinite number of ways. You may be reminded from the previous statement of the mantra from the Star Wars Sagas, “May the force be with you”, and in a way, this is good analogy of what I am trying to describe. But the truth is that this power is indescribable and can only be “known” and experienced, because the capability and power behind it is too vast to contemplate with words.

As human and spiritual beings, we have many opportunities to experience this immense power. No one is excluded. But to get there, you must be as the mystics throughout all ages and see through the “smallness” of your physical world. We have a tendency to see ourselves as small in a world that is constantly changing. We feel paralyzed and incompetent to fight the forces of evil or the might of scarcity and suffering. But this because we are used to looking at things from the bottom up – instead of from the top down.

Now, I invite you to consider the world that you can see. Think about the natural world around you and how perfectly intricate it all nicely fits together, then add to that the human body, amazingly crafted to perform millions of functions every minute without any effort on our part whatsoever, and think about how we blend into our atmosphere so harmoniously, exchanging breathe with the sustaining universe. Then think about the universe and its vastness and spectacular beauty, and think about the perfect timing and symmetry that occurred in order to create and manifest this. Think about the universe beyond our universe and then think down to the tiniest quark and beyond. Where the bigness or smallness of things end we may never know.

And now, I invite you to consider all of that, and include the immenseness of the capacity to love, intuit, dream, imagine, and BE, within this miraculous manifestation. Think about harmony, stillness, a beam of warm sunshine, the smell of spring rain, all things beautiful, the elegance of the finest animal, the frivolity of the playful dolphin, the delicacy of the sweetest sparrow, the velvety softness of a baby’s skin, and the infinite depth in the eyes of a wise old man. Oh my, I could just go on and on. Where does it all come from, and where does it all go? This is the fierceness I speak of when I say that you, starting from your deepest inner divine being, and projecting out to your body, your world, your universe, your cosmos, your infinity – you are all of this, and more majesty skin.

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