Keyword Research – 3 Compelling Reasons You Must Use The Right Keywords To Succeed Online

Statistics show that the majority of people who try to make money on the internet fail. I am sure you have heard of those stats. Well I hope this information will help you not be one of those numbers.

The reasons why most online businesses fail could be countless. But the number one reas

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on seems to be that they were getting NO traffic to their site. The idea of “build it and they will come” was the furthest from the reality of online business. Regardless of how beautiful a website may be, if you get no traffic, you will not make money.

So what could be the answer to the secret of success online? Believe it or not the answer to this question is keyword research. This is by far one of the most important aspects of internet marketing that a lot of beginners overlook.

There is only so much targeted traffic you can generate through paid advertisement. Eventually the paid advertisement is going to overload your budget and you will need another form of generating traffic. This is where Search Engine Optimization and the proper use of keywords is of utmost importance.

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that one uses to get good rankings in the search engines. Many top internet marketers say that SEO generates the majority of their long-term targeted traffic.

In order to be successful with SEO there are some basics that you must understand. Keyword Research is the nucleus to your internet marketing and SEO success. If you do not conduct proper keyword research, everything that is done from that point on, is done in vain. It may sound harsh but it is true. Here are a few tips that I would like to share with you about the necessity of proper keyword research.

1. The Importance Between Random Traffic vs. Target Traffic

If you plan to start an online business selling flowers, but you rank in the search engine for the keyword rugby, it’s guaranteed that you will not have any traffic, nor conversions.

But if you start a flower business and find yourself ranking high for the keyword Red Rose, you will have traffic, and you will have a much better chance for conversions. This is the difference between targeted traffic and random traffic. I think we both know what kind of traffic you want?

Sure you might get 1000 rugby players show up, and one of them might be interested in buying some roses. But what a difference it would make to your online success if you got 1000 visitors who were actually searching for red roses–kaching!

So, in order get the right traffic, you need to market the right keywords and this is one of the compelling reasons you will need the right keyword research tools. No doubt about it! If you don’t have the right keyword tools, you will not be able to determine the amount of searches each word receives on a daily basis. Therefore your competition has a chance to dominate the keyword you had no clue about.

2. Finding the Rich Untapped Niche

When you use keyword tools you will find it is much easier to find a niche with low competition. If you wanted to start a flower business, a niche could be red roses or peace lily.

Using good keyword research tools gives you the ability to do an analysis until you find the niche that will make you lots of money because you have discovered a niche that people are actually searching for, and that has low competition. The importance of finding a niche is priceless. But a niche is impossible to uncover without a good keyword tool. There are several out there, but I will give you the one I use at the end of this article.

3. A Firm Foundation For Your Marketing Campaign

Without a sturdy foundation, a house or any building will fail. This is how keyword research needs to be viewed. Creating a list of broad and long tail keywords can be accomplished by brain storming. But I would rather not leave it up to chance, the right keyword tools can remove much of the mystery and give you the foundation you need to succeed with your online marketing.

The time that you would spend calculating all of the odds, actual searches, keyword variations, could take hours. Or, you can do it with the click of a button and uncover a list of accurate keywords that will drive highly targeted traffic to you website and therefore succeeding in your marketing efforts.

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