Keywords For Search Engines & Your Online Business

If you have an online business, you are constantly working on your keywords for the search engines, (i.e. Google, Yahoo & Bing). This is because you know you have to have the right keywords to make you money.

So how do you get started? Whatever your niche, decide on a seed keyword. So if you are an internet marketer, you may want to start your research with that as a seed keyword. As you type the seed keyword into Google’s query box, don’t type the entire word and let it tell you what searchers are looking for. Among others, you will see:

* Internet marketing jobs
* Internet marketing scams
* Internet marketing business opportunities

Just in the 3 I listed, which keywords do you think will be most relevant? Internet marketing is usually about becoming an entrepreneur so you wouldn’t want jobs. You don’t want to be associated with scams so lets stay away from that. Now we have internet marketing business opportunities, that sounds like a perfect matc

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