Maximizing the Value of Data Acquisition: Gas Pressure Assessment

Cased gap logging for arrangement assessment and contribution to decide the re-improvement capability of an oil maker with a difficult creation history was led. This incorporated a smart evaluation of development gas pressure through packaging, which was later affirmed by puncturing.

The objective stores are Triassic sandstones bored as a gas investigation prospect. In view of open gap log information the possibility gave off an impression of being oil bearing. The well has been delivering oil for quite a while and is currently a possibility for a gas top blow down. The nearness of heterogeneous layers with differed rock quality and producibility records coupled to multifaceted nature in liquids dissemination and zonal confinement issues confuses the advancement procedure and capacity to upgrade recuperation from any contributing level. As of late another age cased opening development assessment apparatus that gives various autonomous arrangement property estimations was conveyed to upgrade information on the arrangement boundaries while portraying the current gas and oil volumes. Sigma, neutron porosity, quick neutron cross area (FNXS), and basic focuses including complete natural carbon from inelastic and catch spectroscopy were at the same time recorded. Since the well is profoundly veered off during the zones of intrigue, the apparatus was productively passed on wireline utilizing tractor innovation.

The assessment methods used to examine this rich arrangement of information uncover a few data that are fundamental to the petrophysicists and geologists, and to the supply and creation engineers. A multi-mineral solver investigation guided by the earlier information on the rocks utilizing centers from balance wells was led to evaluate the porosity and gas/oil contact levels, while offering access to point by point information on framework and rock structure for refining the store models. Moreover, a novel strategy to decide gas pressure at the current time from the cased gap log estimations was applied, to help repository the board. The profoundly touchy sigma, neutron porosity, and FNXS gas properties can be defined as a component of weight and temperature if the arrangement and liquid properties are known time connection

This is an entrenched rule that can at last be applied autonomously and legitimately to numerous estimations. The calculations are done autonomously and checked against one another for consistency and to help ideal boundary setting, in an iterative way. This is especially significant in this situation where the unpredictability of the wellbore condition and history of the well could have convoluted the capacity to accomplish enough accuracy on the evaluated pressures when originating from a solitary technique or if demonstrating is required.

The log results, with approval, and suggestions for the well re-improvement are given together a general conversation on the approach and relevance dependent on this well understanding. The significance of fastidious employment readiness, pre-work displaying and information quality control is additionally featured. The data is vital to characterizing the future well advancement the executives procedure and explain the job that cased opening logging can have as influence of the total well assessment process.

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