MH370: New underwater audio wave Evaluation indicates substitute travel route and new impact spots

Enthusiastic by a desire to help discover Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which can be considered to possess crashed into the southern Indian Ocean in March 2014, we proposed a means of Performing out where by objects strike the surface of your ocean making use of underwater acoustic waves. Sad to say this didn’t bring on finding the plane. Even so, our exploration into these waves has moved on given that we first proposed the idea in 2017, and We have now now been in the position to discover two spots wherever the aeroplane might have impacted While using the ocean, in addition as a substitute route the airplane could possibly have taken.

After you drop a pebble within a lake, h2o waves are generated from the location in the influence, even though sound waves produce the splashing noise you hear. Another form of wave is created Within the h2o far too: hydroacoustic. Similar to a seem wave, hydroacoustic waves transfer considerably quicker throughout the denser h2o than they might via air – 1,five hundred metres for every second (m/s) in comparison to 340m/s.


Equally, when a considerable item, for instance a meteorite or aeroplane, impacts violently with the surface area of an ocean, it generates massive surface area waves, in addition to a family of audio waves that come from a sudden modify in force often known as acoustic-gravity waves. These can vacation Many kilometres through the drinking water, carrying very important info on the source of the impact, just before dissipating.

Within our previous review we looked at acoustic-gravity waves picked up by hydrophone (underwater microphone) stations from the Indian Ocean, to slim down in which flight MH370 could possibly have impacted the ocean to 2 factors. But now we have found An additional component that may prove crucial for pinning down The placement in the impression: sea ground elasticity (flexibility).

When acoustic-gravity waves start out travelling through the The ocean floor their propagation speed boosts to about three,five hundred m/s, from your 1,500m/s they might are already travelling at throughout the drinking water. Former Investigation deemed The ocean flooring to get rigid, which might not enable the radiating waves to maneuver through it. Having said that, Should the elasticity of The ocean ground is taken into account then the waves will vacation at this Increased speed.

Rethinking effect
The acoustic-gravity waves that we analysed for both this and our previous research came from two hydroacoustic stations (Just about every of which has three underwater microphones known as hydrophones), which were being Lively at some time when MH370 went missing, on March seven-eight, 2014. The 1st, HA01, is off Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia, when the next, often called HA08s, is at Diego Garcia, and that is Component of the Chagos Archipelago.


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