Necklaces With Your Childrens Names

Now that you have seen necklaces with your childrens names on Oprah, in PeopleStyle Watch, US Weekly, Celebrity Baby Blog, and Belly Magazine, you realize that they are not just a fashion craze; they are a lovely and elegant way to always keep your precious babies nestled to your heart. Today, most jewelry has a message, especially for new parents who are celebrating the miracle of life that has come into their world. So, the next question is, which do you buy? Of course, the answer is, that depends Gold Name.

Gold Necklaces with Your Childrens Names

Heidi Klum as beautiful and successful as she is and very high profile, wore an elegant little black dress and a simple gold necklace when on Oprah’s show. On closer inspection, we saw that the necklace with three gold charms actually carries the name of her three children so that she has them with her wherever she goes. No matter how busy or in demand, she always has her family to remind her of the true values in life. We now call this the Heidi Klum necklace because of the huge demand for it.

Created by hand just like Heidi Klum’s, these gold necklaces with your childrens names feature a delicate 14kt gold charm, ¾ of an inch in diameter, that has baby’s name hand engraved with up to 7 characters. Because you can see Heidi Klum with 3 charms on her necklace, she obviously had one for each child and I am sure that she will add another for the baby girl coming in October. It is simple to do. When you order the necklace ask for as many charms to be engraved as you have members of your family. The additional cost is nominal compared to the warmth in your heart with your loved ones so close.

Silver Necklaces with Your Childrens Names

We also found the same style of personalized necklace for moms who prefer silver. The Triple Tiny Charms Name Necklace is so sweet and adorable that you will hardly be able to resist it. As seen in US Weekly, lovely personalized mommy jewelry is made from pure sterling silver. The charms are a tiny 1/2 inch in diameter and can either be placed on the sterling silver figure 8 chain individually and evenly spaced, or hanging together so that they chime as you move. The names of your children can be hand stamped with up to 7 characters and placed either across the center of the disc or bordering the bottom edge.

Birthstone Necklaces with Your Childrens Names

If we were to choose the single most trendy childrens name necklace, the All Gold Name Charm Necklace has top billing. Entirely hand crafted and totally unique, this is some of the most beautiful jewelry you will ever wear. The petite 14kt gold charm is hammered by the artisan to give it a rippling texture that shimmers in the light. The name of your child is engraved in her elegant script on the face and the date of birth on the reverse. The charm is then affixed to the stylish 14kt gold chain with an authentic Swarovski birthstone crystal. To further make this gorgeous jewelry even more of an original, you can add as many charms and crystals as you have members of your family.

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