The Real Importance of Keywords in Your Page Titles and Article Titles

When we are creating content for the Internet, one of the most important factors for getting people to open and read your content is your title.

As search engines became an important tool to deliver readers to our content, we began to focus more and more on keywords within our titles, so that we could attract readers from the search engines.

As a result, many people started talking about the importance of using our primary target keywords in our page titles and article titles.

The theory is that if our article or other content, is about “lung cancer” for example, then we should include that keyword in our article title, so that the search engines could find our articles and tell potential readers about it.

While there is a lot of truth in that argument, we should be careful not to take it too literally.

Even today, the web page to download the Adobe Reader is still ranked number one in Google for the keyword, “click here,” even ahead of What is really interesting about this is that the words “click here” do not appear anywhere on the Adobe Reader web page!

This just goes to show that Google still focuses more on the anchor text of inbound links to determine which web pages should rank highest in their search results — even as 2013 is winding down. This is important to this discussion, because I want you to understand that including your target keywords in your article title is no guarantee that your article will rank high in Google for the keywords you have included in your article title!


What many people fail to understand is that Google analyzes more than 200 factors to determine which web pages should be ranked in each spot in their search results. Your article title and keywords in URL are only two factors, or 1% of the total number of factors that it calculates.

So, now that we realize that the keywords we include in our article titles only have a limited impact on how much traffic we can get from Google for our articles, we need to take a look at how keywords will actually impact our ability to find and attract potential readers to our articles.

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