they get familiar with the nuts and bolts of the field.

e have explicitly planned a style structure course for amateurs, in this manner,

In addition, our design organization advances the reasonable, scholarly and basic abilities by allotting equal importance to explore and rehearse.

IADM has all the important offices and qualified staff. Also, we continue refreshing our prospectus as indicated by the changing national and worldwide patterns/necessities.

We are firmly connected with our underlying foundations and consistently advance our nearby culture, patterns, and qualities.


Over 80% of our alumni are working in various associations in various limits. Because of this, most understudies need to gain from STEP College. They are instructing style plan in different colleges and doing right by us since this one is our immense enormous example of overcoming adversity. An enormous number of our alumni are maintaining their own business and for all intents and purposes applying the educated information. Our BA style degree projects and courses are all around structured. Therefore, the alumni are accomplished, however they are gifted also.

Profession OPTIONS:

Our alumni can be found in each part and at each degree of the inventive and modern areas. They can be heads of worldwide organizations to independently employed experts. 89% of our ongoing alumni are working; over a quarter are independent or have their own business.

We’re as profession engaged as you may be.


Grow new styles and items for attire clothing and extras. Which is finished by making unique structures or by adjusting designs to suit neighborhood conditions, patterns and purchasers. Subsequently, they are the ones who endorse last examples before they go into creation. The creator starts the planning procedure simply after careful statistical surveying, i.e., understanding the requirements of the customer/showcase as far as evolving patterns, spending plan and so forth. Also, Accessory Designers have practical experience in planning shoes, packs, scarves, adornments, ties, and so on which complete the vibe of the piece of clothing.


They organize and administer the promoting of design apparel for assembling houses, material firms and retail locations. Similarly, they prompt on most recent patterns, sort out design shows, and help with promoting for example advancing deals and contact with texture vendors to guarantee that the texture, fastens and hues are of the right shade, quality and structure.


Draw freehand representations of the planner’s thoughts with the goal that you can know the fundamental abilities. You require not just remarkable outlining abilities rather magnificent relational abilities also so as to associate with clients.


Must be a sharp spectator, mindful of the patterns and advances in the style showcase alongside information about design structuring. Subsequently, they are relied upon to offer thoughts routinely on the best way to additionally build up an item to be promptly caught up in a market.


A Cutting Assistant cuts tests make and modify examples to see that plan imagined can be changed over to a genuine dress.


Make the specialized representations of the articles of clothing and make drawings for introduction. Besides, it is to choose how an article of clothing must be manufactured. The portraying right hand now and again needs to choose the texture moreover.


Needs to facilitate the whole closet for a design show or program to advance the deals of the items. It includes organizing the dress, adornments, cosmetics, hairdo, even the shade of the nail clean of the model as indicated by the subject and the general look of the show.


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