What Parts of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Should Become Canon?

The Dragon Ball franchise is in a actually odd vicinity, in the mean time. Dragon Ball has possibly by no means been more popular (or worthwhile) all internationally, but the Dragon Ball Super anime has been placed on indefinite hiatus, with nary a word on what’s coming subsequent. The handiest onscreen content material that Dragon Ball fanatics have proper now’s the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promo anime, which is essentially just an advertisement for the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade/card sport. However, whilst Super Dragon Ball Heroes won’t provide the first-class production values, or the deepest, most coherent story, there are clearly quantities of the collection that enthusiasts are responding to.

So, as we all marvel what is coming next from Dragon Ball anime, we’ve prepare a listing of which bits and portions of Super Dragon Ball Heroes might be well worth lifting up and adapting inside respectable Dragon Ball canon. Check out that list beneath, and see in case you agree!

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The Time Patrol
Super Dragon Ball Heroes – The Time Patrol
The Time Patrol has been inside the Dragon Ball video games for years, but has by no means been recognized in reputable canon. The Time Patrol patrols the time flow, under the command of Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time. An trade model of Future Trunks commands a team that consists of exchange (or “Xeno”) versions of Goku and Vegeta’s households (Bardock, Goku, Gohan, Goten, Pan, Vegeta). Given how Dragon Ball Super has already long gone deep with timeline purpose and effect within the Future Trunks Saga, Introducing Xeno Trunks might be an easy arc to drag off.

The Core Area Warriors
Dragon Ball Heroes Core Area Warriors
Super Dragon Ball Heroes honestly hit its stride with the advent of the “Universal Conflict” storyline, and the villain group at its center, the Core Area Warriors. As the worst of the worst villains locked down within the Core of the Prison Planet, the team consists of a effective telekinetic chief named Hearts, an historic evil Saiyan (Cumber), twin evil androids, a lady fighter that can make deadly crystaline guns – and oh, the return of Dragon Ball Super villain, Zamasu! As arguably the good component Super Dragon Ball Heroes has introduced, The Core Warriors seem all but destined for canon.

Cumber: The Evil Saiyan
Cumber can be a standout recruit of the Core Area Warriors inside the Dragon Ball Heroes promo anime, however if tough selections want to be made, he might be delivered into legit canon all on his very own. As an historic Saiyan plucked out of time, he is savage, powerful, and own a unique set of powers never seen from any Saiyan earlier than him. Fans would love it.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes – Fu
Another man or woman who has long lived within the Dragon Ball gaming world, Fu is some thing the Dragon Ball canon sorely needs: an awesome mastermind villain. Fu is a demon and rightful inheritor to the throne of the Demon Realm, however as an alternative goes the manner of technological know-how and have a look at, the use of his machinations and effective artifacts to regulate time in what he believes to be the satisfactory of methods. While greater mad scientist than outright villain, Fu is a natural antagonist to the Time Patrol, even as additionally being a effective fighter in his personal proper, entire with a “Super Saiyan” shape (so to talk) and badass sword. A long-term villain who’s gambling a temporal chess recreation against the gods might be a pleasing alternate of tempo for the franchise.

The Universe Seed
Super Dragon Ball Heroes Universe Seed Weapon Grand Zeno
This god-killing weapon was brought in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, and it’s became out to be greater thrilling than we would’ve concept. The Universe Seed collects power from powerful opponents across the multiverse, and once charged, it can endow a fighter with sufficient power to probably take out Grand Zeno himself. Of course in authentic canon the details of the weapon’s powers can be tweaked, however after the entirety Dragon Ball Super setup, enthusiasts were looking forward to a true threat to the gods to enter the collection.

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